Infant Massage Classes

Exhale, and let me teach you how to connect and communicate with your little one through the practice of infant massage.

My work as an infant massage instructor grew from my research on bonding and attachment between infants and parents. The evidence is clear that touch is essential for an infant’s survival, yet our culture discourages touch, and makes parents feel it is unacceptable to even remove their baby’s clothes. This isn’t healthy for babies!

Spending skin-to-skin time with your baby helps you relate to their vulnerability. It’s time set aside for connection, looking into each other’s eyes, and savoring the precious moments of their infancy. But the benefits can also last into their childhood and teens, enhancing your relationship with your child and creating ways to soothe a headache or rough day with touch.

Connect with your baby through daily infant massage.

Develop a new way to communicate with your baby.

Soothe your baby's colic and gas with infant massage.

Infant Massage Classes

Choose from an in-person infant massage class in your home, or in a virtual group infant massage class. An infant massage class is 5 weekly sessions lasting 1 - 1.5 hours. Please note, your infant must be between the ages of birth and one year old.

COST:  Virtual group class $190. Private class $250.

In our infant massage class you will learn the strokes for your baby’s legs and feet, stomach, chest, arms and hands, face, and back. We will also learn massage for the relief of Colic/Gas.

You will learn how to integrate massage into your daily practices with your little one - diaper changes, tummy time, after bath, or any time you want - to take a breath and connect with your baby.