Tampa Bay Sleep Consultant for Infants & Toddlers

Exhale and let me help you and your family catch some zzz's

I bring the evidence from infant sleep studies, and the humility of a mom who has been there to offer effective solutions.

When I work with a family to address their sleep needs, I enter the “No Judgment Zone”. Infant sleep conversations can be loaded with ideology, opinions, and misinformation, none of which are helpful to exhausted parents, or to help babies sleep. All I require is that you as parents are ready to commit to the plan of action we create together.

Why hire a Tampa Bay sleep consultant?

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and longing for sleep?

Unsure of what normal sleep patterns are for your baby?

Does everybody have an opinion about baby's sleep?

When you hire me as your infant sleep consultant:

I want you to have realistic expectations. The truth is: I am not the one who will help your family sleep better. You are. Here is our step-by-step process to transform your infant's sleep patterns:

  • 1 Make sure you understand your infant’s behavior and sleep patterns
  • 2 Develop a plan that works with your baby’s developmental state to create healthy sleep habits and routines that meet your goals.
  • 3 Support you through implementing your sleep plan. I work closely with you and other caregivers, either in your home or virtually, to determine a unique and individualized sleep plan based on your beliefs, schedules, and needs.
  • 4 Offer guidance as you work step-by-step through the plan. A sleep plan is only as successful as the effort put into it, so I continue to offer consistent encouragement after you implement your plan.

Join the ranks of Tampa Bay families whose infants sleep with one of these Infant Sleep Packages: