Tampa Bay Postpartum Doula Family Care

What can I doula for your family?

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I can help you find balance, discover the rhythm and routine that works best for you, and feel hopeful and able to navigate every day when you wake up each morning.

My role as a postpartum doula is to help you find your way in early parenting, until you’ve got it down and can fly on your own. I help you learn all the tasks of newborn care and feeding, show you tips and tricks to make your recovery and new life easier, share information and resources for all the things you don’t know about yet, and support your self-care.

And then we put all that into a rhythm and routine that works in your daily life.

Find balance in your life as a parent, partner, and person.

Develop rhythm and routine for your daily life.

Discover happiness and joy with your baby, partner, and self

As your postpartum doula I can help you...

IN THE KITCHEN: organization, meal prep, snack prep, easy meals recipes, clean up, washing dishes

WITH THE BABY: newborn care tips, newborn bathing assistance, feeding information & support, swaddling & baby-wearing instruction, infant sleep habits.

FOR YOU: provide recovery tips, healthy snacks, meal prep, take care of the baby so you can rest, eat, sleep, and shower.

IN & OUT OF THE HOME: home organization, nursery set up, baby laundry, running errands (without baby or other children)

Things that are outside my scope of services: cooking, childcare, dog walking or poop-scooping, gardening, vacuuming and dusting, taking siblings on outings.

Tampa Bay Doula Services & Packages

All of my packages are designed to provide you with The Three Ns:


Get the zzz's you need for your body to physiologically, emotionally, and hormonally transition from being pregnant to parenthood.


Rebuild and regenerate by cultivating nourishment through food, rest, breath, and support.


Self-care is essential in your birthing recovery, growth, and development into parenthood.

Catch your breath with one of my postpartum doula packages:

All of my postpartum doula packages include the following:

  • Parent Care

    • Do you need to nap, shower, eat? If the answer is yes, then I'll take your little one while you start your self-care routine.
    • Listen to you and answer questions or concerns about personal care, newborn care, newborn development, breast or bottle-feeding, and infant wake and sleep patterns, and provide resources and referrals as needed.
    • Help with snack prep, meal prep and easy meal solutions. We can work on healthy postpartum recipes together to assist with shopping lists.
  • Household Organization

    • Work towards creating a rhythm and routine just for your family unit, with helpful household organization tips.
    • Run an errand or two (without infant), or allow you time to get out of the house by yourself to do so
    • Clean dishes from the night before or the morning of and start the dishwasher running. Put away all the clean dishes and make sure your space is ready for evening meal prep.
    • Start the baby’s laundry, and fold and put away additional baby laundry that needs attention.
  • Baby Care

    • Assist with maximum comfort and success for you and your baby while breast, chest, or bottle feeding.
    • Demonstrate how to use any baby accessories, baby-wearing carriers, etc.

Most of all, as your postpartum doula I'll help you find your way to balance in your life as new parents. ***Is something you need missing from this list? Let's chat about it.

Design your ideal postpartum package with a free initial consult.

Each family has unique needs. Whether you are having your first baby, twins, or navigating a growing family with a toddler and infant, I can provide a custom postpartum doula package to provide the support you need.

Tampa Bay Postpartum Doula

There are moments in our little one’s lives we may miss because the society we live in demands and sets impossible expectations.

I want to help you conquer simplicity in parenting from the beginning, in between and beyond!

Part of that simplicity is opening up your circle for help, part of it is forgiving yourself, part is about setting boundaries; but mostly it is making a commitment to yourself to finding joy in each day, and noticing the times your little one makes you laugh, embraces you, says something cute, or warms your heart with just a look.

The more you snap shot those moments, the more you lead with these memories... and the rest falls into a new perspective!!!